Accepting Yourself And Your Place

Posted on December 13, 2019Comments Off on Accepting Yourself And Your Place

December is a busy month! It is a month that is filled with holidays, special observance days and birthdays. But it is also the last month of the year and with that comes a lot of mixed feelings.

December reminds us the year is almost over. You may have had a list of plans and goals that you wrote down in January, but you may not have gotten a chance to complete them or even start them! Don’t feel bad. The beauty (and burden) of life is that we cannot plan everything that happens to us.  Some of your goals may have gotten derailed this year, but be encouraged. Accept where you are right now and revisit that list. Here are some helpful tips to end the year with a bang.

1. Items with Deadlines: Are some items on your list time-sensitive? Do you need to complete some things before December 31? Get help. Ask a friend/family member or seek professional help to get it done. We still have a few weeks left before 2019 is over.

2. Be flexible with some things: Did you want to de-clutter your home in 2019? Learn a new language or skill? Visit a new state or foreign country? If there are some things that aren’t time-sensitive, just decide to extend them into the near year. Maybe consider extending them into the next 2 years and be flexible with them.

3. Revisit and Delete Some Things: Take another look at the goals you had planned for 2019. Do you still want to keep everything on your list? Are there some things you don’t need or don’t want to do anymore? Delete them and perhaps that will help you feel a little better.

4. Accept Yourself and Your Place: If you are alive today, be joyful. There are plenty of things in this life that can get us down; accept yourself and where you are in your path to improvement. Even if you didn’t accomplish anything you promised yourself and your family, encourage yourself with The LORD’s help and accept where your are in life. A hike up a mountain of possibility takes one step at a time, so continue to move forward in your goals, but accept that some things (and some steps) may take longer than others.

How has 2019 been for you? We would love to hear from you. Send us a comment, email us or message us on Facebook. We hope that no matter what the year did to you, you may learn to accept what you can’t change and tackle what you can. Have a blessed weekend.