Spontaneous Summer Plans

Yes! Summer’s long days and cool nights are here. We at the Peters Place love to travel, so we have some exciting places to visit in the next few months, but we also have some weeks where nothing is planned so we can take some spontaneous trips!

How rigid are you in your plans? Is your summer already booked? That could be a great thing (if you have some fun, educational or meaningful event planned), but it could also be frustrating if you will be doing something you do not want to do.

We recommend having some time set out in your life where nothing is planned. Have some weeks and/or some weekends that are open and flexible for those moments you just want to surprise a loved one with a visit, or a spouse with a romantic get-away, or a friend with a personally-delivered gift. One of the most important commodities in life is time, so make time to share with others when they least expect it. You will be glad you did.

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