Your Time In A Day

Watching rain or snow fall while indoors can be very therapeutic. Looking at these change the landscape of the earth in a short period of time is truly amazing. When the weather strikes, plans get postponed, trips get canceled but what do you do with that free time? And are you content with it?

If you are one of the many who complain that he or she doesn’t have enough time, consider doing something about it. Draw a chart or use a time management program to plot your time in a day. Are you happy with what you have found? Or are you surprised to see where all your time is spent. Please note, we are not speaking about the time you spend in sleep, at work or at school. We want you to concentrate on the time spent before or after these. Are you a Christian? Do you spend time growing in your faith or the opposite? Are you a gamer? Does all your time and money go into this habit? Are you a social-media addict? Are you heavily involved and married to social media sites and expend countless hours on them? Fill in your particular habit, custom or ritual. There may be some things you will need to cut down on and others you will need to increase your time doing. Be honest with yourself and modify accordingly.

We hope this will help you get a hold of your time in a day. We can makeĀ  plans for a future time, but time lost can never be regained. There is no time to waste so endeavor to manage your time even better in 2020.

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