Beholding The Son

Posted on April 10, 2019Comments Off on Beholding The Son

Do you have a morning routine? Most probably you do, but what does it entail? Are you happy with it? Does it need an update this Spring?

This season, the sun wakes us up in the morning. With our window facing east, a flood of light pours into our home and becomes one of our alarm clocks. We behold the sun and we know that a new day has dawned.

How about the Greater Son? Do you behold Him in the morning? Is he part of your morning routine? Life is not promised to any one of us, and it’s truly a blessing to wake up each day. Before the day starts requiring all your time, spend quality and quantity time with The Son Of Righteousness, Jesus Christ. Spend time in prayer and studying The Bible. There are hundreds of resources out there that give guides and advice on how to pray and study The Holy Scriptures, but if you don’t know where to turn, we can help you with a devotional plan that will meet the needs you are facing, just let us know.

Before beholding your phone or your family, behold The Son (Jesus) first each and every day.