The Mother’s Burden

Posted on January 16, 2019Comments Off on The Mother’s Burden

We recommend the book The Ministry Of Healing by Ellen G. White for all to read. This book not only highlights the importance of diet, but also caring for the sick, the work of Medical Missionaries and much more. In the early introductory chapter of the book, an unlikely encouraging portion is written just for mothers. We would like to share it here:

Jesus knows the burden of every mother’s heart. He who had a mother that struggled with poverty and privation, sympathizes with every mother in her labors. He who made a long journey in order to relieve the anxious heart of a Canaanite woman will do as much for the mothers of today. He who gave back to the widow of Nain her only son, and in His agony upon the cross remembered His own mother, is touched today by the mother’s sorrow. In every grief and every need, He will comfort and help.

Let mothers come to Jesus with their perplexities. They will find grace sufficient to aid them in the care of their children. The gates are open for every mother who would lay her burdens at the Saviour’s feet. He who said, “Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not” (Mark 10:14), still invites mothers to bring their little ones to be blessed by Him. Ministry of Healing, page 42

Parenting is hard work and not just for the mothers, but for all who play a part in raising children. May you be encouraged by these words today.