So much has happened since the start of 2020.  Since COVID-19 started to dominate the world-wide stage, the year has been filled with death, sickness, disasters,uncertainty and so much more.

So what’s next? Some may fear this question, but we prefer to look at it as a hopeful one. We are excited and hopeful for what is around the corner. Although we do not know how the rest of the year will go, we are believers in The Almighty God and know how this whole story ends. But until The LORD’s return, how do we  continue pushing forward in the midst of uncertainty? Here are some pointers we would like to share (definitely not an exhaustive list):

Reconnect with God: There is nothing more important than your relationship with Christ. This relationship helps all your other relationships. Dedicate a portion of your day for devotion and study, and guard those times jealously. Like a tender plant, your relationship with God needs certain things to help it grow, so reconnect and stay connected to the Almighty God.

Get Moving: Many live sedentary lives. Technological advancements have made life easier for millions, but these advancements came with a cost. We walk less, eat and sit more and are just less active (and the pandemic and quarantine only exacerbated the problem). We need to get and keep moving. There are programs you can do at home on YouTube, the internet and on mobile apps; but now that many places have reopened, get outside and get some fresh air as you work out. Remember to always check with your medical professionals before starting an exercise regimen.

Revamp Your Diet: What you consume affects you (whether you notice it or not). If you are consuming overly-processed, fatty, salty and sugary foods, your health will suffer. We at The Peters Place advocate a plant-based diet and we have seen and felt the difference when we transitioned from a meat-based diet to a plant-based one. Visit our health page for more information on nutrition and simple recipes.

Don’t Neglect Rest: We live in a sleep-deprived society. There seem to be so much to do in a day and many steal from their hours of rest to catch up on watching TV shows, spending time on Social Media sites and the list continues. We need to take back our rest and sleep times. Although we differ with our sleep needs, learn what works for your body (and your family) and be diligent to be faithful to your nap and rest times

Get Help When Needed: There are times you may need to get help. Whether its from a friend, family member, mentor or even professional, recognize when you need to involve someone else in your struggles and go for it. If you need direction for this one (or any of the above mentioned), please text, call or email us.

We all have the road of life before us. Don’t be intimated. Take life a day at a time (a step at a time), making improvements along the way, and seeking to be the best ‘you’ you can be despite the situation.