Getting and Staying Organized

Posted on October 19, 2020Comments Off on Getting and Staying Organized

Life is not handed to us organized and ordered. We have to do our part daily to organize our lives and prioritize the different things that call for our attention.

But what if you have trouble getting organized? What do you do when you find out you still have items on your list to do and the day is almost done? How does one get organized? Here are some points that have helped us:

Write Them Down: If you don’t have your tasks and duties written down, you are likely to forget to do them. Write them down in a notepad, notebook or utilize one of the many phone apps and computer software programs for this. Some programs will also organize them for you.

Make Note Of Deadlines: For those tasks that are time-sensitive, make sure you have the deadline noted. According to the task, you may need to also put in one or two additional reminders before the deadline, so you are not rushing at the last minute to finish it. Sometimes, unplanned situations disrupt our best-planned schedules, so expect those. If some tasks do not have deadlines, assign deadlines to them (so they are not left open ended).

Learn How To Prioritize: Although there are programs that help with prioritizing, it is best to learn how to do it just in case technology fails. After noting all the tasks you need to do and their deadlines, place them in order. If you have trouble doing so, we would like to help! Reach out to us.

How are you with getting and staying organized? We would love to hear from you? Contact us if you would like to share or need help.

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