Encouragement After Disappointment

Posted on October 23, 2019Comments Off on Encouragement After Disappointment
William Miller Farm

Today is October 23rd. It is the day after October 22nd.  In some countries, it’s the height of autumn or fall. The trees bear their autumn colors and the colder temperatures are saying they are here to stay. For some, this season can be depressing. It can remind them that the year is almost over and there are many goals yet to be accomplished. It can remind others of disappointments that have happened in previous months, or pains and losses that have plagued them. It is just a tough time of the year.

Again, today is October 23rd. It is the day after October 22nd. For the Seventh-day Adventist movement, this season marks the 175th year of the Great Disappointment. A Baptist preacher (William Miller) and many Christians from different faiths believed Jesus would return on October 22nd, 1844. As the day continued on and October 23rd arrived, hundreds were sorely heartbroken and depressed when He did not appear. Many gave up their faith in God, but some went back to re-examine the Biblical prophecies to see where they went wrong. For those, their disappointment turned into encouragement and a renewed focus.

How do you deal with disappointment? How do you pick yourself up when you have put your all into a goal and it doesn’t happen or fails? How can you take your disappointment and turn it into encouragement?

Life is difficult and it has its seasons of losses and disappointments. It is important to have a support system to get you through these moments. If you don’t have one, you need one. Don’t wait until there is a calamity in your life for you to figure out who or where you have to go for help. Work on this today. There are emergency funds for financial disasters, back-up plans for celebrations and escape routes in the event of fires, so why not have a ‘life-support’ plan. This support will differ according to your belief system and experiences, and can include friends, members of clergy or therapists. Know you who can confide in, who will be honest with you and who can help lift you up. Great disappointments happen, but with the help of God and others you can be greatly encouraged.

We may not be licensed therapists, but we can direct you to a few resources and Christian therapists. Please message us if you are looking for a Christian therapist or counselor.

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