To The Beach

If you haven’t noticed, we love being in the great outdoors. There is nothing man-made that compares to the beauty and awesome majesty of God’s creations. In keeping in this thought, I personally want to highlight one of my most beloved parts of nature: the beach.

Not everyone is a fan of beaches. Some are scared of it, some are intimated by it, others just don’t care for it; but there are many of us who equate summer with the beach. There are many who prefer a pool to a beach, but many of us will easier pick the latter. I lived closed to a beach in my childhood years and spend many long Sundays there, so beaches have a special place in my heart.

As with any outing, use caution when visiting beaches (especially ones you are not familiar with), follow any and all rules that are posted and listen to lifeguards if they are present. We know the dangers that lurk with any activity that involves a body of water, so be careful while enjoying the sun and sand. Do you have a favorite beach? We would love to hear about it, let us know!

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