Be Attractive

If you use the word ‘Christian’ in the description of yourself, expect a gamut of responses. The word evokes a wide array of thoughts and is usually molded by one’s upbringing and experiences with other Christians. Unfortunately, some who call themselves Christians are not, and add to the disdain and hatred in many hearts. In a time when many see Christianity as outdated and unattractive, the life of a Christian should be the opposite.

A Christian life is supposed to be an attractive one; not in the sense of how you adorn yourself, but in regards to your character. Although we do not have an actual picture of what Jesus looked like (although some believe His face is seen in the Shroud of Turin), the Bible tells us that He was not an attractive looking Man. Read what Isaiah 53:2 says about him:

“For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him”

There was no form (the Hebrew word used here is ‘toar’ which means outline), comeliness (Hebrew word used is ‘hadar’ which means honor, splendor) and no beauty that made others attracted to Jesus. Instead, it was the way He treated others that made Him attractive.

As we read through the Gospels, we see Jesus’ popularity grow as His ministry and travels grew. His character was so attractive that hundreds of people (out of all classes) flocked to Him wherever He went. He lived what He taught, and showed no partiality to anyone, but treated everyone with dignity and respect, seeking to save all He came in contact with.

We need to be the same. We need to have attractive characters. We need to live what we teach and show no partiality to anyone, but treat everyone equally and uplift others as we meet them. Do you have an attractive character or do you have a repellent one?  Take a good hard look at yourself and answer honestly. If it is the latter, spend more time learning and studying the life of Christ and by beholding His character, yours will change.

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