Go On A Mission

Here is an activity for everyone: mission trip!

Those two words are loaded with imagery. For some, a mission trip may paint a picture of a far-away exotic place, and for others it could mean a project in a nearby area. Both are correct, and still a mission trip can be so much more!

There are mission trip and mission events for all types of people and groups. Some cater to single individuals, some encourage children to attend. Whatever group you fall in, if you have some time this summer and later this year, why not consider go “mission tripping”


For All Ages (No Exceptions)

Maranatha Volunteers International Year Round – Maranatha has it all: they hosts both local and international mission trips around the world and have trips for singles and groups containing children. I have been on a number of Maranatha mission trips and they are truly amazing! Visit their calendar today.


For Young Adults and Adults

Total Member Involvement Trips June & July 2019– The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been hosting a number of mission trips each year. This year, they are planning to go to India. To learn more, click on the above link.

VUNA InternationalJuly 2019 – I volunteer with VUNA and each year, we plan our mission trips communities in Kenya. If you are interested in joining us, sign up for our Info Session on Sunday, February 17. If you are unable to attend, fill out our contact form to stay in touch.

GYC MissionSummer 2019 – GYC (Generation.Youth.Christ) I have been to one mission trip with this organization and it was the fuel that got me interested in international missions. This year, GYC will be heading to Iceland. If you are interested in heading to this beautiful country, sign up today.

The Quiet Hour MissionsYear Round – The Quiet Hour only specialize in international missions, so visit their website to learn more about their upcoming trips in 2019.


These are just some of the few organizations who are hosting trips this year. There are thousands of other ministries that are searching for volunteers and missionaries to join their ranks. Sign up for one (or more) today!

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